Bish Mubarak Was Able To Create Opportunities

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Bish Mubarak is most assuredly one of the energy industry’s most innovative and successful entrepreneurs. Mubarak has created companies in the deregulated energy markets of both the United States and Canada. His college education was instrumental in laying the foundation for his later successes. Bish Mubarak was able to be educated at a very prestigious higher education institution in Canada—the University of Western Ontario. Bish Mubarak was able to attain a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario, which is no small feat. This undoubtedly helped Mubarak down the road to success, it prepared him for the business world through a high quality education.

To claim it was Bish Mubarak’s education that made him successful would be foolish. While his education laid the groundwork for his success, it was his personal values in regards to work that allowed him to excel as an entrepreneur. His work ethic, integrity, creativity, and diligence all allowed him to excel and become a successful entrepreneur. Bish Mubarak was able to create opportunities for himself by being a hard worker and embracing innovation. Mubarak’s commitment to these values has helped him to create and then manage a number of companies that would go on to become multi-million dollar ventures.

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